For every body new right here, i like to weigh my waste every week.  My purpose is to sooner or later be 0 waste.  I only way landfill waste,  recycling and composting (i exploit a Bokashi bucket) aren’t weighed. Monday and Tuesday this week, I moved residence – so there’s loads more than regular on this week’s weigh in!  allow me begin with

in at 562gThis become the weekly waste main up to the circulate, so meat trays and similar gadgets.562g276g for the second bagThe overflow of everyday trash (with some McDonald’s food dirty carboard that STANK!)276g987g from bag #threethings have become heavy! This became particularly packing tape, with a pair of the BF’s vintage shoes that the leather-based had started demise a painful death987gLeaving the heaviest to last at 1277gAnd the final collection of ‘stuff’

the final collection of ‘stuff’ on the vintage residence – there’s a plant in there, and a selfmade mozzie entice made form a plastic gentle drink bottle, sugar syrup and yeast… what a sticky mess!1277gSo, the grand general is 562 + 276 + 987 + 1277 = 3102g = three.1KG!Wowzers! To suppose i was right down
 There’s no ‘everyday’ waste from the brand new house (along with meals, as Bokashi’s on a holiday to my mother and father to get buried and again empty).more on the new house and new lists day after today…  And the drama of Sunday and a medical institution go to.  Oh yes, i love to preserve it