Our staff is very friendly and knowledgable. Our staff is here to help you with any question you may have for your garden, practicing horticulture is what they do on their days off, growing is a fun interesting hobby for them and they are passionate about this industry.

Meet Darrell, Our store manager although he says he is a over glorified baby sitter. He would love to help you out with your growing product needs. Darrell has been managing our store, and doing a great job of it. If they make it Darrell can get it.

Meet Kyle, This guy is a horticultural britannica of information. He would love to enlighten you how plants grow on a biological and scientific level. Kyle has been with us since the day we opened the doors. A great go to guy for those technical issues you may need help with.

Meet Shawn, Shawn is also a wealth information when it comes to horticulture. Shawn enjoys riding motorcycles gaming and guns. Shawn has been at Nor Cal Hydro Gardens for 3 years and has over six years of growing experience, he would love to answer your questions.

Meet Mike, Mike is our priceless Artist and web master. He is a strong, good looking man, and we would be nothing with out him – Thanks Mike you truly are the definition of Awesome!

Meet Shane, Shane is the owner, master mind, inventor and creator of the magical place we call Nor Cal Hydro Gardens. Shane enjoys working, working and working. He can be found beating up suppliers for better pricing, so he can give you a better deal. Shane is responsible for making the nicest, cleanest and most stocked hydro store on the planet.