Our staff is very friendly and knowledgable. Practicing horticulture is what they do on their days off. They are here to help you with any question you may have for your garden.

Meet Darrell, our store manager. He would love to help you out with your growing product needs. If they make it, Darrell can get it.

Meet Gentry, Gentry is our powerhouse and muscle here at Nor Cal. He enjoys the outdoors and loves to rip a lip on a huge bass with his bros on the river. We imported him from the hills of Big Bend and man alive is he a hard worker.

Meet “Big Al” He is our squishy and lovable guy here at the shop. He is top notch with customer service, making our customers feel comfortable and welcome. Come talk with Big Al about your garden.

Meet Braden. Braden was found abandoned in the deep depths of Jacksonville swamp land nestled comfortably in the arms of a mother alligator. He may seem wild but fret not, he’s only hungry for anime, comics, and the craft of organic horticulture.

Meet Jessica, A.K.A. “Death Leopard”, “Rainbow Girl”, and of course the “Harbor Freight Girl” a modern day Rosie the Riveter. She’s not afraid to throw bags of dirt, chase down and detain shop lifters, or answer your questions. She is ready to help you get you grow on.

Meet Shane, the owner, master mind, inventor and creator of Nor Cal Hydro Gardens. Shane enjoys working, working and working. When not in the shop he can be found beating up suppliers for better pricing, so he can give you a better deal.