Nor Cal Hydro Gardens carries many different greenhouse related products like wiggle wire, tracks and poly films.

We carry Tufflite Poly Green house Films

What is Tufflite?

Tufflite IV™ is a high quality 4 year greenhouse covering. Tufflite IV™ is available in various widths and lengths in standard 4 year as well as Tufflite Dripless™ (anti-condensant) and Tufflite Infrared™. All Tufflite™ products offer high clarity to allow the most light possible.

6mil 4year poly this is the real professional grade greenhouse Poly!

Tufflite Poly has an anti drip condensation feature, and is light defusing.

Get it from us by the roll many different sizes are available.

Two of our best selling sizes are:

Length: 150ft Width: 48ft Gauge: 6mil Color: Clear  &  Length: 100ft Width: 20ft Gauge: 6mil Color: Clear

This is not that big box store cheap stuff, its not Visqueen plastic and its not painters plastic.

We offer Sure Lock fastener wire and the poly fastener base.

We cary professional grade greenhouse supplies. Now  you can build a long lasting effective greenhouse, right the first time.

Wiggle wire and track with Tufflite poly