Yes we sell C02! And all the components to set up you room atmosphere controllers, generators, regulators, you also have access to NCHG personnel to help you get your CO2 game plan together.

NCHG Co2 Pricing:

$39.95 for a 20lb tank swap refill.

$162.95 to buy a 20lb tank.

$49.95 for a 50lb tank swap refill.

$322.95 to buy a 50lb tank.

We are always stocked and ready to swap you and empty for a full. Or if you want to buy a new tank we can set you up with that too. We have all the hardware and Co2 controllers you mitt need to set up a room with Co2. Plants breath in Co2 like humans breath in Oxygen, maximize your plants potential with Co2 from Nor Cal Hydro Gardens and Organics.

Where do I refill my CO2 tanks in Redding?

The best place to buy CO2 is at Norcal Hydro Gardens in Redding Ca